If you’re independent and intelligent, with enough initiative and character to go it on your own, or with a small team, if you want to be on that small team or if you generally have some “va va voom”, then The Entrepreneur Network is probably for you.

A few things we do:
• We enable people, by using our online platform, to find others with specific skill sets
• We enable users to engage in forums
• We organise breakfasts, lunch and dinners in small groups to discuss certain topics, share best practices and views
• We organise events where we bring in experts to discuss topics such as the latest trends in marketing, and the best sales techniques to close deals
• We pull together organised events, such as recruitment days for start-ups to find new talent and enable talent to get in touch with founders.

We’re a community for independent thinkers, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, founders and in essence anyone in the entrepreneurial space.


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